How can i attain nearness to god?

A simple question that may come to the mind is that how can a person attain nearness to Allah ?


Allah Almighty sent a revelation towards Hazrat Dawood (also known as David) peace be upon him the representative of Allah for that person is a liar in his statement of love for me when night falls he (with closed eyes) goes asleep.


Allah Almighty is ever awake and i am busy with consumption of food , drink and sleep. I am in a state of dream such that in this state how can i attain nearness to Allah Almighty.


Book Muhikkal Faqar Khurd

Depression : Science, Sociology, Psychology and Human Science

The Topic of depression is increasingly a popular topic considering more than ever before, more people are dying with committing an unnatural way to end the life. With the increase in this awful trend of people choosing to commit suicide, in the ever more so awfully painful ways , thus its ever more so natural to raise awareness to causes of suicide and its various forms of treatment.

Depression is found to be one of the primary causes of suicide, how can it be? Let’s consider looking into mindset of what causes Depression ?

The Sociologists tend to differ from the perspective that Psychologists provide and evidently the Subject of Science leads to different causes and route to the treatment of Depression , and when there’s hardly discussion on the perspective of Human spirituality with regards to the cause and treatment of Depression. The Psychologists tend to regard Depression as an offshoot of our thoughts that leads to the outcome of performing negative actions.

Let’s take a critical look in to the subject of Depression ,the causes & treatment and critically analyse the various perspectives. This great piece is worth considering to provide deep insights in to the causes & treatment of Depression. The different perspective’s will be lined up and the reader will be able to acknowledge and build his understanding on the subject of Depression. Its interesting to note the word spirituality has intermittently been used in place of Human Science , thats an acknowledgement that both are one and the same thing.

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Special Invocations of the People of Grave ( Dawat Ahle Qaboor )

The articles intends to provide a basic introduction to the method of seeking help from the graves as its practiced by the Sufi’s for various reasons i.e spiritual rank elevation or curing from an incurable disease among various other reasons.

The presented topic has great importance in the field of Spiritual Science, in other words Sufism. The Invocations on the graves of Spiritual People is a Sufi tradition that has been in practice for centuries and its in line with the main religious teachings of Islam. The practice of invocations upon the spiritual graves has been to great importance, since with the use of such an method various great spiritual benefits can be acquired, as well as any worldly difficulty’s can be removed or any heart desires can be attained.

The important aspect of the Practice is the person must have the permission to perform the practice from a “true” Spiritual Guide , further by having such an permission he must also himself be spiritually enlightened that all his body and the organs are spiritually purified (for example with the spiritual practice of Visualisation of the Name Allah the essence) hence due to the result of the achieved spiritual purification of the body, he attains the spiritual power to adequately perform the spiritual practice, ” Special Invocations of a Spiritual Grave “ . The two aforementioned conditions are a definitive pre-requisite for performing the practice or otherwise the consequences can be dire & intolerable.

The invocations of the graves is the most beneficial method in Sufi spirituality for achieving any sort of objective whether spiritual or worldly whether big or small, in contrast its also the most dangerous act in spiritual practice, in the case off if the practice is performed by a spiritually unqualified individual or by an individual that does not have the due permission to do so (or if he has obtained the practice permission from a fake spiritual guide). It’s believed the consequences of malpractice are deadly severe and the victim of the malpractice is  hardly ever cured for a life-time. For example the individual can become “mad” , chronically ill or die miserably. This is just basic information of advising what entails the aforementioned sufi practice and its pre-requisites.

There’s a Popular Punjabi Couplet along the lines :

Raah day Raah Day , Har Koi Akhy

Show me the way Give me the Way , Say’s All

Main ve akhan raah day , Bina Murshid raah nahi labdi

Even i too say the very same, But without a Perfect Spiritual Guide the path will not found

Vich Raah day rul marsey

In the midst of seeking the path (without the true spiritual guide) you will loose yourself and die miserably.

Here forth its clearly highlighted the importance to first seek a true spiritual guide hence embark onto the spiritual path and undertake any kind of spiritual practices. In the Books of the Sufi Master Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® great details can be found for the aforementioned Sufi Practice.

Here is a quoted line from the bookNoor ul Huda Khurd, of the Master Sultan Bahu ® :

Hamari tamam mushkilaat ahle qaboor sey hal ho jati hai

” All our needs are fulfilled by the special invocation of the People of Graves

The Age of time that we thrive in, the subject of religion is entertained as a taboo subject for discussion, hence thereby further in this article we will tend to support the notion of seeking help from the grave and establish the idea that help could be sought from the spiritually enlightened people of the graves. A number of Authentic Sayings in relation to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him will be included in the article to strengthen the belief for this practice , as follows:

  • First Narration

  • Second Narration : Hadith | Conversation between Moses a.s and Adam a.s |

  • An Account from Imam Al Qurtabi in Tafsir Al Qurtabi (May Allah be pleased with him)

  • An Account from Hafidh Ibn Taymiyya (May Allah be pleased with him)

  • An Account from Hafidh Ibn al Qayyim (May Allah be pleased with him) 
  • Finally, its stated there are many many more Hadith’s , Narrations from Imam’s and Scholarly Sayings of  of pre-islamic times that all support this notion of seeking help from the “Spiritual” graves of muslims, and the subject has wide consensus among the Ummah Scholars. Further, it should be noted that disbelief in just one Hadith takes the person out of the folds of Islam.

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Some Hadith’s from the Books of Sultan Bahu ®

Some Hadith’s from the Books of Sultan Bahu ®

Few Hadith’s will be presented from the Books and in light of the Hadith’s great lessons can be taken from them and applied to the daily living.

  1. The Innovator’s are the People of Hellfire. (source)
  2. The one that saw me indeed he saw me. The satan cannot ever take my form. (source)
  3. My Both Eyes goes to sleep but my heart remains awake (i.e in remembrance of Allah) (source)
  4. The Name of Allah is pure, it only resides in the pure location (i.e in a pure/clean heart) (source)
  5. The seeker of the world is She-male, the seeker of hereafter is the like of a woman, and the seeker of Lord is a Man. (source)
  6. The one that acquired the recognition of his lord. Verily his tongue turned mute. (it means the tongue stopped from remembrance of the world and occupied itself only with God) (source)
  7. Ponder on to the signs of the Allah Almighty and do not indulge yourself in to the thoughts of his essence. (source)

Collection of Gems from the Books of Sultan Bahu ®

Collection of Gems from the Books of Sultan Bahu ®

In this article its intended to present the various Golden Sayings & Quotes from the Books of the Shaykh Sultan Bahu ® that are rare to find and are immensely beneficial. There may be series of posts followed up to this post in the future hence in this post presented are the Gems of knowledge :

  1. The Perfect Guide without the need of the years of hard prayers within a moment can show all that exists whether the big or small within a dot (point) and with the same dot he open’s up and shows the realities of both the worlds. (ref)
  2. Manly is he, that in all situations be a true judge to his ego himself. All worship the ego , Worshipper’s of God are very very few. (ref)
  3. The disobedient ego becomes obedient with the following four things:  1) With the Love of Allah 2) With the true desire of Allah 3) With being drowned by loosing oneself in Allah (the spiritual state) 4) Every that action that is performed only to please Allah. For example Worship, Spiritual Exercise and Piety. (ref)
  4. From the thousands of years of Spiritual Exercise in contrast its better that one (spiritual) gaze of the Perfect Spiritual Guide. (ref)
  5. (Oh the True Seeker!) know that the four pleasures are part (incomplete) that keep away from the Complete (Great) Pleasures:- First Pleasure) Various types of tasty food and the pleasure of the sweet dishes. Second Pleasure) Pleasure of having intercourse with women. Third Pleasure) The pleasure of Great kingdom ship that purely is only pleasure of world and just the world. Fourth Pleasure) Chronic studying of knowledge is its pleasure. All these four pleasures are equal in their intensity. (ref)

Aap Ka Jo Ghulam (That whom is your Servant)

Aap Ka Jo GhulamThat whom is your Servant

The Full Lyrics for the Naat (The Praise of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him) are presented with Complete English Translations:

Aap Ka Jo Ghulam Hota Hay, Woh Qabil e Ihtaraam Hota Hay

That whom is your servant, he is deserving of high respect

Kadhi Chehra nahi oss da wighar sakda , Jiss day Mooh meray Huzoor da naam hovye (meray Aqa sal lal lahu alaihi wa salam di dua Aye)

His face can never be disfigured, On which face is the name of my Beloved ( this is supplication of my Master the Prophet Peace be upon him)

Rehmat Sohny di sab tay chaan kardi , Pawaeen Khaas Hovye Pawaeen Aam Hovye

The Compassion of the Beautiful One shadows upon everyone, Whether the individual is a special one Or whether he is an ordinary one

Jidhay wich Huzoor Da Zikr Hovye, Ucha oho ey kalam hovye

In that which is the remembrance of the Master (Peace be upon him), Esteemed only is that composition

Tay Naukar odhy Zahoori ® ho jaan sarey , Kamli waly da jehra Ghulam Hovye

And Oh Zahoori ® all become subservient to him, Whom is Servant to the one wearing the Black Blanket (Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him)

App ka Joh Ghulam Hota Hay , Qabil e Ihtaram Hota Hay

That whom is your servant, he is deserving of high respect

Jhoom tey hain Fazaiye Arz o Samaan , Kionkay zikr e Khair ul Anaam Hota hay

Dances the Atmosphere of the earth and the Sky, Because being mentioned here is the remembrance of the Best of the Creation

Sarwar e Ambiye Ki Yaad Aye , Tu Lab Pay Jaari Salaam Hota Hay

Came to me the remembrance of the Chief of the Prophets (peace be upon him), hence the lips begin the sending of invocations of peace

App ka Joh Ghulam Hota Hay

That whom is your servant

Sab khary ho jata hai dast basta , App ka Joh Ghulam Hota Hay

All stand with the utmost Respect , That whom is your servant

App ka Joh Ghulam Hota Hay , Woh Qabil e Ihtaraam Hota hai

That whom is your servant, he is deserving of high respect

Chahe Khud hieye Rook Dey , Woh Qabil e Ihtaraam Hota hai

Whether he himself stops from it, but he is still deserving of high respect

App ka Joh Ghulam Hota Hay , Qabil e Ihtaraam Hota hai

That whom is your servant, he is deserving of high respect

Mehkashey Mustafa (sal lal lahu alaihi wa salam) kay hathon mey , Hauz e Kausar ka jaam hota haey

In the Fragrance of the Choosen One Hands, Is the Wine of the Pond of Kausar (Kausar means abundance, the pond of abundance is a pond that will exist in the heaven and whosoever drinks from this pond on the judgement day will be able to enter the paradise)

Dar Haqiqat Namaz hai unki , Ishq jinka Imam Hota Haey

In fact the real Salah Prayer is of the one, Whom are guided by the True Love (Ishq is an intense form of love and its unimaginable in its intensity & nature and cannot be compared to simple form of the word love or infatuation)

Woh Zahoori Jissy Qabool Karein, Wohi Maqbool e Aam Hota Hai

Oh Zahoori ® the ones that are granted acceptance by his holiness, Only such are the ones that become & remain popular among everyone (for example the classic example are the Sufi’s)

App ka Joh Ghulam Hota Hay

That whom is your servant

Watch this Urdu Naat Video in Voice of Mohammad Ali Zahoori ®

Main Nazar Karon Jaan o Jighar (If I Sacrifice my life and that which is beloved to me )

Main Nazar Karon Jaan o Jighar Kesa Lagey Ga  If I Sacrifice my life and that which is beloved to me then how would i look like

Main Nazar Karon Jaan o Jighar Kesa Lagey Ga

If I Sacrifice my life and that which is beloved to me then how would i look like

Rakh do dar e Sarkar (sal lal lahu alaihi wa salam) par sarr kesa lagy gha

If i put forth in the court of the Chief Master (Prophet peace be upon him) my head then how would i look like

Ajayein joh muqadar sey meray ghar joh Shah e Deen 

If they come by the luck of fate to my house the Leader of the Religion (The Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him)

Main Kesa Lagon gha mera ghar Kesa Lagy Gha

how would i look like and how would my house look like

Jab Door sey hain Itna Haseen Gumbad e khizra

When from afar is so beautiful the Green Dome

Iss paar hai aesa tu udhar kesa lagy gha

From this side of the world is this state then how would it look like while being there

Rakh do Dar e Sarkar par sar to kesa lagy gha

If i put forth in the court of the Chief Master (Prophet peace be upon him) my head then how would i look like (it means to submit with the whole mind & the heart)

Sarkar nay dar Pay tujhy bulaya hai mangty

The Chief Master has called you to his court oh you beggar

Jab Koi mujhy day gha khabar kesa lagy gha

When someone gives me the news how would i look like

Rakh do Dar e Sarkar par sar to kesa lagy gha

If i put forth in the court of the Chief Master (Prophet peace be upon him) my head then how would i look like

Jis haath sey likhon gha Muhammad (sal lal lahu alaihi wa salam) ka Qaseeda

With the hand that i write Muhammad (peace be upon him) Encomium

Uss hath mey Gibriel Ka par Kesa Lagy gha

In that Hand the feather of Gabriel how would it look like

Ghous ul Wara sey pooch lo ik rooz yeh chal kar

Lets go and ask one day from The Great Helper (This is the title of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ®)

Baghdad say Taiba ka safar kesa lagy gha

The Travelling from Baghdad to Madinah how would it look like

Rakh do Dar e Sarkar par sar kesa lagy gha

If i put forth in the court of the Chief Master (Prophet peace be upon him) my head then how would i look like

Rakh loon gha jo sar par woh nalain e Muqadas , joh nalain e Muqadas

If i put on my Head the Holy Sandals , the Holy Sandals

Shahon kay muqabil mera sarr kesa lagy gha

In comparison to the Kings my head how would it look like

Rakh do Dar e Sarkar par sar kesa lagy gha

If i put forth in the court of the Chief Master (Prophet peace be upon him) my head then how would i look like

Watch this Urdu Naat Video in voice of Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain 

Jadon Aibaan de wal takda han (When i look upon the list of my sins)

Jadon Aibaan de wal takda han –  ” When I Look Upon The List Of My Sins

Full Lyrics are presented below for the Punjabi Naat to the English Translation:

Jadon Aibaan de wal takda han, Jind mukde aeyy dil darr da aeyy

When i look upon the list of my sins, Life tends to shorten and my heart is frightened

Saaday Amlaan tay Gal Naayei Mukk dei, Gal Teray Karam Tay Mukk dei aeyy

On my deeds alone does not end the story of my life, The ultimate end to the story of life is dependent upon your generosity

Main apni aess hayiaty day, jaddon pichlay warkay khol da haan

I during this time of my life, When the previous pages are opened

Mera dil nadam ho janda aeyy , mu niwa tay aakh juk dey aeyy

My heart tends to grieve , Face falls and eyes look down

Jadon Aibaan de wal takda han

When i look upon the list of my sins

Meri kamli waliya Baahn pharh lay , jind jaan zamane ghairey aeyy

Hold on to my Hand the one wearing the Black Blanket (Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him) , Life as well as the body is shackled by the age of time

Hoar koi sahara nahi disda , bus nazar tery tay tikk dey aeyy

I see not any other source of help,  The eyes are only stuck upon you

Jadon Aibaan de wal takda han

When i look upon the list of my sins

Meray sirr tay paar gunawaan da, kithy laey jawan kithy turr jawan

On my head is the mountain of sins, where shall i put that down where should i go

Hoar koi sahara nahi disda

I see not any other source of help

Hoar koi sahara nahi disda , bus nazar tery tay tikk dey aeyy

I see not any other source of help , The eyes are only stuck upon you

Jadon Aibaan de wal takda han, Jind mukde aeyy dil darr da aeyy

When i look upon the list of my sins, Life tends to shorten and my heart is frightened

Saaday Amlaan tay Gal Naayei Mukk dei, Gal Teray Karam Tay Mukk dei aeyy

On my deeds alone does not end the story of my life, The ultimate end to the story of life is dependent upon your generosity

Jadon Aibaan de wal takda han

When i look upon the list of my sins

Listen to the Punjabi Naat in Voice of Ali Gohar Churahi 

CHEHRA KAMLI WALE KA – The Face of the Beloved (wearing the Black Blanket)

Lyrics of the Urdu Naat : Chehra Kamli Waley Ka  –  “ The Face of the Beloved (wearing the Black Blanket) This essentially refers to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as he used to wear Black Garments . Find below the Complete Urdu Naat Lyrics Translations to English.

Roman Urdu Naat Couplet’s Followed With the English Language Translations:

Tan Man Wara Jis Nay Dekha , Chehra Kamli Waley Ka

Sacrificed the body and the self whole heartedly each individual that upon seeing  ,The Face of the Beloved wearing the Black Blanket

Ay Maula Ik Baar Dikha Day , Jalwa Kamli Walay Ka

Oh Lord for once show me , The splendor of the one wearing the Black Blanket

Har Naimat Deta Ha Khuda , Par Waar Kar Un Par Deyta Hay

Every blessing is provided by the God, But due to the Holy Existence of him (the Beloved)

Khaata Hay Yeh Alam Saraa, Sadqa Kamli Walay Ka

Is Consumed by all the worlds , The Charity of the one wearing the Black Blanket

Ho Giey Talab Teri Bhi Poreiy, Door Karein Gey Ab Woh Doorie

At last your wish will too be fulfilled, They will remove away the separation of the Long Distance

Insha Allah Hum Bhi Dekhain Geiy, Roza Kamli Walay Ka

God Willing We will too see it, The Tomb of the one wearing the Black Blanket.

Qabar Mey Jab Poochien Gay Farishtay ,Apna Taaruf Pesh Karoo

In Grave when the Angels will question, Present to us your Introduction

Toh Keh Doo Gha Main Toh Hoon Bus, Mangta Kamli Walay Ka

Then verily i will speak out that i am just, A beggar at the Door of the one wearing the Black Blanket

Aale Nabi (Sal Lal Lahu Alaihi Wa salam)  Aulad Ali (Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu) ki , Shan Barhaye Allah Nay

The Progeny of the Prophet (peace be upon him) Progeny of Ali (Allah is pleased with them) , Raised by Allah is their honour

Kitna Aala Kitna Baala , Qumba Kamli Walay Ka

How benevolent how esteemed is, The Household of the one wearing the Black Blanket.

Link for Watching the Urdu Naat Video in the Voice of Yousaf Memon

The Concept of Prayer (Namaz), Spirituality & Grandeur

The Muslims all over the globe pray 5 times a day , its mandatory upon all muslims to pray 5 times a day in accordance to following their religion Islam. The Sufi’s are no different to the ordinary muslims in the sense, they also Strictly follow the commandments of the Quran as well as the Sunnah however difference arises on multiple occasions between the Sufi’s as well as an ordinary person and due to this very difference the ordinary intellect of the lay man is not able to perceive the spiritual station of a Spiritual Personality and his way of life.

To give a very prominent example of this intriuging case , we should refer back to the Quran of the example when Moses (a.s) asked God to meet a person more wiser then himself and God directed him to search for Khizr (a.s) and so he travelled to a land beyond the sea and with some interesting signs he was shown guidance and on reaching a land he finally met with Khizr (a.s) where upon their early days Khizr (a.s) advised Moses (a.s) to follow his ways and not to question him for his actions and Moses (a.s) agreed . The story of Moses (a.s) and Khizr (a.s) is considered as one of the great lessons for spiritual disciples that were to ever follow the path to sufism.

Moses (a.s) was a strict follower of God commandments as he himself was a Prophet of God and had great religious knowledge of external law while Khizr (a.s) was more of an individual with great enlightenment in path to spirituality and he too followed the God commandments. Its said upon three occasions Moses (a.s) could not hold back his curiousity and being under the strong influence of his  knowledge of the attained religious external law he questioned Khizr (a.s) and his approach to be against whats lawful.

Khizr (a.s) killed a child , and needlessly built the wall of orphans home, without any wages and made a hole in the boat belonging to the family from a financially poor background. When Moses (a.s) saw these acts he had to question Khizr (a.s) as how he could have restrained himself while witnessing the injustice himself and according to his religious external law the killing of a child cannot be justified and similarly the other two cases of the boat and needlesly building the wall. The duo ended up separating since Moses (a.s) failed to fulfill his words and did not follow Khizr (a.s).

Khizr (a.s) provided him Moses (a.s) with explanation of the 3 incidents that had taken place before them departing on to their ways. He Khizr (a.s) built the wall of the orphans home as before the death of the parents had hidden some treasure under the home soil for the children and given there was real possibility of the locals noticing or taking advantage of the orphans property(treasure), hence he built the wall free of charge to help them . He made a hole in the boat of the family from poor finanacial background as their was strong tradition of the local powerful people of the area taking hold of the boats of people and since the family was poor and the boat was the only means of their earning income thus he made a hole and upon the inspection of those powerful local men (i.e King) they would clasify the boat as defective and will not take away the boat from the poor family.

Similarly, the case of killing of an innocent child seemed the most injust act of Khizr (a.s) in the eyes of Moses (a.s) however in the spiritual knowledge and the judgement of Khizr (a.s) it was the opposite. Khizr (a.s) knew from his spiritual knowledge of the boys future , the child would grow up to be an evil person and become troublesome for his parents. He killed the child for the relief of the people and his parents and explained further the believing parents will be bestowed with another child that will be righteous.

This was the classic case of a spiritual disciple not being able to understand and comprehend the ways of a true spiritual master. Moses (a.s) surely too was a spiritually enlightened personality being as well as a Prophet (peace be upon him) but the spiritual level/station of Khizr (a.s) was far greater than the comprehension of Moses (a.s) understanding. This tradition of the misunderstanding between the Disciple and the Spiritual Master as well as the difference in spiritual level of a given spiritual masters from another for their understanding of the divine commandments (i.e consideration of whats lawfull or unlawful in religion) continues to this very present day and age of the world between spiritual masters from different Sufi Tariqa’s (sufi spiritual pathways). To illustrate this difference the Qadri Silsila is far more greater in spiritual knowledge than in comparison to all other Sufi Silsila’s thus it holds the place in the likeness of Khizr (a.s) and the other silsila;s are like the Moses (a.s) illustrated example.

The Namaz (prayer) is important and mandatory for discples of all the Sufi Silsila’s and even to become a Sufi Master in any given Silsila , the Namaz (Prayer) is the most basic neccessity alongside the Zikr (a special rememberance of God with invoking his name) to be daily performed by the disciples in order for them to reach a state of purification of the heart, thus moving towards the goal to attaining Spiritual enlightenment and becoming aware of the greater wisdom and secrets of the worlds beyond the apprehension and approach of whats possible merely with struggle of a human’s mind.

Consider the case of a bird with two wings , the bird requires both of the wings in order to fly high above the ground however if the bird attempts to fly with a single wing it would drop to the ground instantly. Thereforth, the disciple is no different he needs to fulfill the basic requirements of the spiritual practices in order to go and grow further in his path to spiritual understand and enlightenment and this can only be possible if he closely follows the advice of his Spiritual Guide and PRACTICE’s upon it.

In this modern world many people believe there exists not a true spiritual guide while some believe spirituality to be a state of fantasy and stories of the fiction. However the believers should be warned of this misunderstanding since clearly in all the old ages of time all the Prophet’s (peace be upon them) were believers of God’s as well as had attained spiritual enlightenment and so did their followers with practicing of the divine religious laws with pure intentions to please God. The Prophet Soleman (a.s) with his spiritual might and grandeur was able to convince the greatest emperor lady of the time to become a believer of God. Bilquis (the lady) wanted to first examine, if Soleman (a.s) was truly a Prophet (a.s) as he had claimed or was a false Prophet with being interested in only fame and was acting due to his wordly passion.

The events of the Soleman (a.s) and Bilquis begins with the latter receving mysteriously receiving a letter from Suleman (a.s) in the strong guarded protected palace room of the great emperor of the time. The letter could not have possibly be placed in her room while she woke up from her dream given the immense security that was surrounding her and the palace. She was astounded by the letter and further by the letter that read Suleman (a.s) stating this letter is from the Prophet of God upon whom God has bestowed his special favor and the letter commanding Bilquis to believe in him Suleman (a.s) as the Prophet of God and follow him. On contrast if she fails to submit he with his mighty power (spiritual) will come with such an unimaginable force and army that would overthrow her from her power and her emperor rule will be ended.

This moment of state was an astoneshment for the Lady Emperor since the letter was not a comman letter as given its mysterious nature for it to be ignored and similarly if the letter can arrive to her room without her permission then Suleman (a.s) may also be able to vanish her empire treasure without her permission among other things. She called up her all special deputees and they held a meeting and the incident was discussed with all attendes agreeing for to it be not taken lightly with given the customs of the war’s the mighty victories army crushes the weaker one and mentioned the final decision lied with the lady herself as she is the head ruler of the great empire. Thus, she decided to embark on a journey to examine Soleman (a.s) personality herself and see what sort of character he holds. Soleman (a.s) with his spiritual ability was already well aware of Bilquis intent and off her coming to visit him to inspect him thus he inquired his fellow companions whom will bring to him the (Greatly Heavy Bulky) Throne of Bilquis before her arrival hence the throne was brought to Suleman’s Astounding Palace in moment of even less than a second and before Bilquis arrived he ordered for the throne to be somewhat changed in his beauty to see if Bilquis could recognise her own Throne.

When Bilquis arrived with her associates to the Suleman (a.s) palace , then instantly one of the associates recognised the throne and informed of this to her where upon she went close to the throne and on her inspection she was once more surprised to witness this was her very own throne and it not have possibly be moved and travelled to such a long distance before her own arrival. However she was somewhat convinced but was still going to further examine Suleman (a.s). Soleman (a.s) fully aware of the state of Bilquis and her mind ordered his servents to show Bilquis her place of rest in the palace. While she was walking inside the palace she suddenly covered her dress cloths up high to avoid them being wet and given her state the servants laughed upon her state as the design of Suleman’s palace was beyond an ordinary palace as it was built upon with nature’s mysterious forces that were under the command of Suleman (a.s). On this occasion Bilquis showed remorse over her actions and felt embrassed given her realisation that she needlessly doubted Soleman (a.s) ability and his power provided to him from God.

The above narration of Soleman (a.s) is just one of the examples of Spiritual Personality’s that is believed by many different religions and mentioned in the Holy Books like Quran and so forth. Whereas in Islam in Quran its stated the people of Moses (a.s) (the torah) whom only held on to the outer words of religion are like the donkeys laden with Books. In can be concluded this example of Religion without spirituality is the same for Muslims just like the people of the Book of Torah. Spirituality is the Fruit of Prayer whereas the Prayer itself is the Seed thats to be planted for the body’s internal spirituality to nurture, grow and flow.

Thank You and if you require any references please do not hesitate to make mention of that in the comments.

Note:The Article may require editing and the author is well aware of this fact and the editing may be carried out as soon as feasible.

Shrine of Sufis/ Aulia Allah

Hazrat Faqeer Noor Muhammad Kalachvi ®

Beggining with the Name of Allah the most merciful the most kind

My Most Creative part of writing is verily this i am beggining this with your Name.

Hazrat Faqeer Noor Muhammad ® was a person with great intellect, wisdom and spiritual ability. He in his early age of educational period was a top achiever in pakistan and for this reason his family had great expectations and aspirations from his educational success.


>Shrine of Faqeer Noor Muhammad Kalachvi ®