How can i attain nearness to god?

A simple question that may come to the mind is that how can a person attain nearness to Allah ?


Allah Almighty sent a revelation towards Hazrat Dawood (also known as David) peace be upon him the representative of Allah for that person is a liar in his statement of love for me when night falls he (with closed eyes) goes asleep.


Allah Almighty is ever awake and i am busy with consumption of food , drink and sleep. I am in a state of dream such that in this state how can i attain nearness to Allah Almighty.


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Depression : Science, Sociology, Psychology and Human Science

The Topic of depression is increasingly a popular topic considering more than ever before, more people are dying with committing an unnatural way to end the life. With the increase in this awful trend of people choosing to commit suicide, in the ever more so awfully painful ways , thus its ever more so natural to raise awareness to causes of suicide and its various forms of treatment.

Depression is found to be one of the primary causes of suicide, how can it be? Let’s consider looking into mindset of what causes Depression ?

The Sociologists tend to differ from the perspective that Psychologists provide and evidently the Subject of Science leads to different causes and route to the treatment of Depression , and when there’s hardly discussion on the perspective of Human spirituality with regards to the cause and treatment of Depression. The Psychologists tend to regard Depression as an offshoot of our thoughts that leads to the outcome of performing negative actions.

Let’s take a critical look in to the subject of Depression ,the causes & treatment and critically analyse the various perspectives. This great piece is worth considering to provide deep insights in to the causes & treatment of Depression. The different perspective’s will be lined up and the reader will be able to acknowledge and build his understanding on the subject of Depression. Its interesting to note the word spirituality has intermittently been used in place of Human Science , thats an acknowledgement that both are one and the same thing.

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Modern Day World and the ways of living

In Modern day world most of us are so consumed with daily things and our habitual work that we rarely ever ponder to question our true self in the mirror.

Are you 40 years of age or maybe 50 or maybe in the 30’s or 20’s and you are yet to seek and define what makes a person truly content and what it means to be happy?

The matter of fact is in the age of times we breathe in have become very confusing and in the midst of so much technological progress it seems as if the human race are running after a self defined ghost named happiness  that is not within our reach. A self defined misery in which we have choosen to bewilder our conscience; its a never ending pain that makes our wound grow ever stronger by time.

This bewilderment and feeling of being lost and unhappiness is wide spread disease and its no longer persona of single race,religion or a region. People are no longer content with what they possess and given the present state of affairs  to define true success & happiness is never ending question. It is appropriately stated “Religion today is just a Name but without a Reality

Science and the advancing technology toys cannot keep us content for long period of time and then comes the ever burning question of the heart” Who are we  as Humans and are we just suppose to live for short periods and die away, is this really all that life has to offer ? ” . Its amazingly true many of us have these or similar questions deep within our mind left unresolved and rarely do these taboo questions ever come onto the tongue in our very important meaningful lives.

Since this is open ended topic and it may well be kept this way for a while until that we have gathered few responses by you . I look forward to your comments and discussion and then you may expect a follow up post , the following is our question of interest:

” What makes you think as an individual of the reasons for the human’s race not being successful in its pursuit to achieve happiness “

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Allah is with the patient ones

There’s a verse of Quran regarding patience that states :
The meaning of the verse is such that , Allah is with the Patient Ones. If one is to define the term patience its simple definition would be , Being able to accept delays, problems or sufferings etc without being annoyed or anxious given the troublesome affairs or state of one’s self and similarly sometimes we speak such words to our friends or relatives that do not be worried and be patient, such that your good time will follow soon. One verse of the Quran states as follows:
There’s another beautiful Verse regarding difficulties:
There have not been any Friends of Allah or the Prophets (peace be upon them) but that all did experience hard times in the respected period of their life;  in fact as Islam states the greater the level of Believer the greater the trials he will experience during his lifetime in the example of the way the Gold is tested with fire.  A wise man said the best way to tackle a problem is to go through the problem and grow oneself.
Also there’s a saying:
” Trust Allah but tie your camel “
Life is a test and one must keep preparing for the better of it and forget the past and must look forward . Thats to live within the present moment else the person cannot be prepared for the future. The problems we experience and the troublesome  times we face actually are there to build our character and polish us like the piece of Gold is polished. The believer goal must be the attempt to strive to be greater in the love of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Allah in his heart with every moment to follow.
 [Maidah 5:100] Say, “The impure (evil) and the pure (good) are not equal, even though the abundance of the impure may attract you; therefore keep fearing Allah, O men of intellect, so that you may succeed.”
There’s the famous story of Laila And Majnu where Majnu would do all that’s in his reach to meet the beloved Laila and whatever he could do to please his beloved Laila . He gracefully faced all the adversity’s and the hardships that were in path of his love towards Laila. His love towards Laila was sincere and strong given that in love of Laila everything associated to Laila was very beloved to his heart. Love made Bulleh Shah ® dance in front of his Beloved Spiritual Master in an attempt to please  his master and the Love made Owais Qarni ® break teeth’s in hearing the news that his beloved  the Prophet of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had lost there teeth in the event of a war.

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