Depression : Science, Sociology, Psychology and Human Science

The Topic of depression is increasingly a popular topic considering more than ever before, more people are dying with committing an unnatural way to end the life. With the increase in this awful trend of people choosing to commit suicide, in the ever more so awfully painful ways , thus its ever more so natural to raise awareness to causes of suicide and its various forms of treatment.

Depression is found to be one of the primary causes of suicide, how can it be? Let’s consider looking into mindset of what causes Depression ?

The Sociologists tend to differ from the perspective that Psychologists provide and evidently the Subject of Science leads to different causes and route to the treatment of Depression , and when there’s hardly discussion on the perspective of Human spirituality with regards to the cause and treatment of Depression. The Psychologists tend to regard Depression as an offshoot of our thoughts that leads to the outcome of performing negative actions.

Let’s take a critical look in to the subject of Depression ,the causes & treatment and critically analyse the various perspectives. This great piece is worth considering to provide deep insights in to the causes & treatment of Depression. The different perspective’s will be lined up and the reader will be able to acknowledge and build his understanding on the subject of Depression. Its interesting to note the word spirituality has intermittently been used in place of Human Science , thats an acknowledgement that both are one and the same thing.

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Special Invocations of the People of Grave ( Dawat Ahle Qaboor )

The articles intends to provide a basic introduction to the method of seeking help from the graves as its practiced by the Sufi’s for various reasons i.e spiritual rank elevation or curing from an incurable disease among various other reasons.

The presented topic has great importance in the field of Spiritual Science, in other words Sufism. The Invocations on the graves of Spiritual People is a Sufi tradition that has been in practice for centuries and its in line with the main religious teachings of Islam. The practice of invocations upon the spiritual graves has been to great importance, since with the use of such an method various great spiritual benefits can be acquired, as well as any worldly difficulty’s can be removed or any heart desires can be attained.

The important aspect of the Practice is the person must have the permission to perform the practice from a “true” Spiritual Guide , further by having such an permission he must also himself be spiritually enlightened that all his body and the organs are spiritually purified (for example with the spiritual practice of Visualisation of the Name Allah the essence) hence due to the result of the achieved spiritual purification of the body, he attains the spiritual power to adequately perform the spiritual practice, ” Special Invocations of a Spiritual Grave “ . The two aforementioned conditions are a definitive pre-requisite for performing the practice or otherwise the consequences can be dire & intolerable.

The invocations of the graves is the most beneficial method in Sufi spirituality for achieving any sort of objective whether spiritual or worldly whether big or small, in contrast its also the most dangerous act in spiritual practice, in the case off if the practice is performed by a spiritually unqualified individual or by an individual that does not have the due permission to do so (or if he has obtained the practice permission from a fake spiritual guide). It’s believed the consequences of malpractice are deadly severe and the victim of the malpractice is  hardly ever cured for a life-time. For example the individual can become “mad” , chronically ill or die miserably. This is just basic information of advising what entails the aforementioned sufi practice and its pre-requisites.

There’s a Popular Punjabi Couplet along the lines :

Raah day Raah Day , Har Koi Akhy

Show me the way Give me the Way , Say’s All

Main ve akhan raah day , Bina Murshid raah nahi labdi

Even i too say the very same, But without a Perfect Spiritual Guide the path will not found

Vich Raah day rul marsey

In the midst of seeking the path (without the true spiritual guide) you will loose yourself and die miserably.

Here forth its clearly highlighted the importance to first seek a true spiritual guide hence embark onto the spiritual path and undertake any kind of spiritual practices. In the Books of the Sufi Master Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® great details can be found for the aforementioned Sufi Practice.

Here is a quoted line from the bookNoor ul Huda Khurd, of the Master Sultan Bahu ® :

Hamari tamam mushkilaat ahle qaboor sey hal ho jati hai

” All our needs are fulfilled by the special invocation of the People of Graves

The Age of time that we thrive in, the subject of religion is entertained as a taboo subject for discussion, hence thereby further in this article we will tend to support the notion of seeking help from the grave and establish the idea that help could be sought from the spiritually enlightened people of the graves. A number of Authentic Sayings in relation to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him will be included in the article to strengthen the belief for this practice , as follows:

  • First Narration

  • Second Narration : Hadith | Conversation between Moses a.s and Adam a.s |

  • An Account from Imam Al Qurtabi in Tafsir Al Qurtabi (May Allah be pleased with him)

  • An Account from Hafidh Ibn Taymiyya (May Allah be pleased with him)

  • An Account from Hafidh Ibn al Qayyim (May Allah be pleased with him) 
  • Finally, its stated there are many many more Hadith’s , Narrations from Imam’s and Scholarly Sayings of  of pre-islamic times that all support this notion of seeking help from the “Spiritual” graves of muslims, and the subject has wide consensus among the Ummah Scholars. Further, it should be noted that disbelief in just one Hadith takes the person out of the folds of Islam.

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Removal of Difficulties-11 Names of Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rehmatullah Alaih

If some difficulty befalls on a person and for the removal of the difficulty(problem) the afflicted person should recite the 11 names of Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani ® . The difficulty will be removed from him with the blessings of the following 11 Names. The names are presented as below:

Ya Sayyid Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Amrallah

Ya Shaykh Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Fazlallah

 Ya Wali Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Amanallah

 Ya Maskeen Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Noorallah

Ya Ghous Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Qutballah

Ya Sultan Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Saifallah

Ya Khawaja Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Farmanallah

 Ya Makhdoom Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Burhanallah

 Ya Dervesh Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Ayatallah

Ya Badshah Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Ghousallah

Ya Faqeer Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Shahidullah

These blessed names are not to be told to general public but only to people that are worthy  of knowing them and are such special ones. In the Book “Makhzanul Asrar” the Author of Book, Hazrat Noor Muhammad Kalachvi ® writes,  in the way of God he has distributed this wealth to everyone  and made it common(known). These 11 names are recited for the removal of difficulties and now everyone can benefit with the recitation of these Blessed 11 names.

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Urdu: Makhzanul Asrar 

English: Makhzanul Asrar

Regressiveness (Rujjat) in spirituality and its solution

The seekers of spiritual path can decline from their spiritual level due to their short comings or going against the instruction of the Spiritual Guide. There can be many reasons for the Spiritual Downfall(Rujjat) and in the past there have been examples of such cases.

One example, can be found in the Book “Irfan” of Faqeer Noor Muhammad Kalachvi ®, the author highlights of a case example, where a spiritual guide fell to the trap of his lower desires, the Shaykh (spiritual guide) before the incident was recognised as a pious person being a source of light and spiritual guidance for the people around him. The Shaykh also had many followers (Seekers) and his Sufi Tariqa was well established and flourishing really well among the people.

The Shaykh’s spirituality fell apart in span of one night because he had committed a great sin, and due to which he lost his spiritual level(station) and no longer possessed any spiritual abilities. He narrated the story of his spiritual demise to another person, and stated on the occasion of one night, he met with a woman but on the night he was not able to take control over his lower sexual desire upon meeting the women and they both had a sexual intercourse. Since from the night he experiences very strange ugly faced creature’s and he see’s them wondering around his house etc. The Shaykh was hopeless, he lost his spirituality and peace of mind, heart and soul. The indescribable spiritual problems he was experiencing led to his life being turned upside down and with that he had become severely miserable.

In worldly education, there is some stability for example A Degree holder of any discipline is given recognition for his learning success with the awarded degree status, however in contrast in the school of spiritual thought, there’s no such thing. Further, to acquire a great spiritual rank can take a great number of years and requires a sincere committed effort to improving one’s inner defects of heart, soul and mind. It can be very unfortunate to loose your spiritual capability in a span of one night. The path of Spirituality gives real meaning to our ordinary life. As the Spiritual Sufi Master Rumi ® States:

“This place (of earth) is just a dream. Only a sleeper (spiritual dead person) considers it real”  

Spirituality takes a human being beyond the realm of his physical living world, it’s the means to obtaining the glimpse of God and his secrets (the mysteries). The path to spirituality is not a house for fantasy, in fact its the opposite and is the means to living a life beyond this world of dust and clay. The scientific telescopes cannot vision and account to seeing a tip of the iceberg for that which God has created and is in store for a true believer. Verily, God does not create anything in vain without a reason and wisdom.

The Good News! A simple solution is provided to the spiritual downfall (Rujjat). The Great Sufi Mystic Sultan Bahu ® states the following solution in order for an individual to re-acquire his spiritual rank. The Seeker (he/she) should regularly read the short book “Rasala Rohi Sheriff” and he addresses the seeker’s in the following words:

If any Friend of Allah having great union with him, that from world of spirituality or from the world of Qadas Shahood (name of spiritual world) experiences spiritual downfall and due to it falls down from his level, if he makes this book as his intercessor then this book will act as a True Spiritual Guide for him . If he does not take this book as his intercessor, then the promise is on him and if we do not reinstate him then the promise is on us”

There is no permission required to read the book and the book can be read by any affected person of any spiritual level(rank) or Sufi background (Tariqa) to re-attain his spiritual rank and can overcome any relating life difficulties. The Individual should make habit of reading the book everyday, to obtain its associated spiritual benefits and blessings. The Result time depends on the reading person himself for the amount of time he spends on daily for the reading of the book “Rasala Rohi Sheriff”.

English: Rasala Rohi Sheriff

Urdu:  Rasala Rohi Sheriff

Black Magic (Kala Jado) Solution and Imam Mehdi ®

In present times, many of us don’t understand the phenomena of Black magic and its effects. The topic has come under discussion, through various black magic horror stories on television, newspaper’s and social media. However, hardly we ever come to know of a remedy for this evil problem.

A simple solution method will be presented for to be safe from any evil effects of black magic problems and you can do the solution yourself. There are many people that don’t believe, if there actually exists such a black magic problem, however the problem sufferers  don’t require an explanation to know the existence of the Evil effects of a Black Magic Problem.

The term Black Magic in south Asian countries is popularly known as “KALA JADO “.  Its worthy to mention people suffering from such problems, due to their utmost desperation tend to reach out seeking help and many find themselves in wrong hands, thus they further aggravate their life troubles.

There are many people in Asian countries pretending to be Black Magic Healers and in South Asian Countries they are termed as “Amils”. The sufferers come for solutions to black magic problems and these Amils tend to acquire money from these innocent victims. The Amils first show “Quran, Bible etc” to get people to praise them and to have believe in them, then latter they create more  problems for these suffering people by further doing black magic on them, just to create their life more problomatic and difficult , hence finally saying the only solution for black magic is actually by us using Black Magic.

BEWARE!! . These black magic sufferer’s tend to loose peace, money, faith and find themselves in deeper problems than the one they originally began with, and the sufferers hence loose their life due to these ” AMILS “.   BEWARE!! .

This was briefly the story of black magic sufferers, and were we to ponder on its details, there are hundreds and thousands of different horrific cases (examples), of black magic sufferer’s that can be used to highlight the problems significance, however to point out importantly  more horrific and unbearable are the stories of those individuals’s whose life is completely ruined by these so called Amils (spiritual healers).

KNOW THIS! There is absolutely “NO DIFFERENCE” between a Black Magician and a Amil, so its very strongly advised to keep clear from those individuals who claim to be Amils(spiritual healers) ,they are in fact Black Magicians, and like to steal your money from you and shatter your life.

Black Magic has been defeated in past in the example of Moses (peace be upon him), where he defeated the Pharaoh’s army of magician’s  all Single handedly and there are many other example’s of Aulia Allah (friends of Allah) that in past have defeated the Black Magic.  Even before the day of judgement Hazrat Imam Mehdi (peace be upon him) will defeat the world’s biggest and most horrific black magician ever, called the “Kana Dajjal“ and this Dajjal infact is the biggest liar of the world. So verily black magic was , is and can only be defeated by truth (Haq) , true way and spiritual power.

A Simple Solution is presented , for any kind of black magic problem even that which has a powerful effect on any person, or wird wazaif (wrong spell readings), that’s performed on any person, then know the suffering person can save himself.

The solution is to daily read one time , “davae safi” , by using its provided written method of reading, from the following website link.



The davae safi reader must allocate a specific time in day to read the davae safi and should read it on the same time everyday.

There is no permission required for the reading of davae safi and the reader does not need to contact any individual for this purpose, however “be advised” the davae safi reader should be a “Muslim”. Further, the more times a person can read Davae Safi, the better it would be for him spiritually.

If required, any further understanding (questions pertaining to this topic) or require any other spiritual problems solution, whether the individual is a muslim or a non-muslim, he/she may post his questions in the following English Forum :

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