Modern Day World and the ways of living

In Modern day world most of us are so consumed with daily things and our habitual work that we rarely ever ponder to question our true self in the mirror.

Are you 40 years of age or maybe 50 or maybe in the 30’s or 20’s and you are yet to seek and define what makes a person truly content and what it means to be happy?

The matter of fact is in the age of times we breathe in have become very confusing and in the midst of so much technological progress it seems as if the human race are running after a self defined ghost named happiness  that is not within our reach. A self defined misery in which we have choosen to bewilder our conscience; its a never ending pain that makes our wound grow ever stronger by time.

This bewilderment and feeling of being lost and unhappiness is wide spread disease and its no longer persona of single race,religion or a region. People are no longer content with what they possess and given the present state of affairs  to define true success & happiness is never ending question. It is appropriately stated “Religion today is just a Name but without a Reality

Science and the advancing technology toys cannot keep us content for long period of time and then comes the ever burning question of the heart” Who are we  as Humans and are we just suppose to live for short periods and die away, is this really all that life has to offer ? ” . Its amazingly true many of us have these or similar questions deep within our mind left unresolved and rarely do these taboo questions ever come onto the tongue in our very important meaningful lives.

Since this is open ended topic and it may well be kept this way for a while until that we have gathered few responses by you . I look forward to your comments and discussion and then you may expect a follow up post , the following is our question of interest:

” What makes you think as an individual of the reasons for the human’s race not being successful in its pursuit to achieve happiness “

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Allah is with the patient ones

There’s a verse of Quran regarding patience that states :
The meaning of the verse is such that , Allah is with the Patient Ones. If one is to define the term patience its simple definition would be , Being able to accept delays, problems or sufferings etc without being annoyed or anxious given the troublesome affairs or state of one’s self and similarly sometimes we speak such words to our friends or relatives that do not be worried and be patient, such that your good time will follow soon. One verse of the Quran states as follows:
There’s another beautiful Verse regarding difficulties:
There have not been any Friends of Allah or the Prophets (peace be upon them) but that all did experience hard times in the respected period of their life;  in fact as Islam states the greater the level of Believer the greater the trials he will experience during his lifetime in the example of the way the Gold is tested with fire.  A wise man said the best way to tackle a problem is to go through the problem and grow oneself.
Also there’s a saying:
” Trust Allah but tie your camel “
Life is a test and one must keep preparing for the better of it and forget the past and must look forward . Thats to live within the present moment else the person cannot be prepared for the future. The problems we experience and the troublesome  times we face actually are there to build our character and polish us like the piece of Gold is polished. The believer goal must be the attempt to strive to be greater in the love of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Allah in his heart with every moment to follow.
 [Maidah 5:100] Say, “The impure (evil) and the pure (good) are not equal, even though the abundance of the impure may attract you; therefore keep fearing Allah, O men of intellect, so that you may succeed.”
There’s the famous story of Laila And Majnu where Majnu would do all that’s in his reach to meet the beloved Laila and whatever he could do to please his beloved Laila . He gracefully faced all the adversity’s and the hardships that were in path of his love towards Laila. His love towards Laila was sincere and strong given that in love of Laila everything associated to Laila was very beloved to his heart. Love made Bulleh Shah ® dance in front of his Beloved Spiritual Master in an attempt to please  his master and the Love made Owais Qarni ® break teeth’s in hearing the news that his beloved  the Prophet of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had lost there teeth in the event of a war.

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Translating a Book and obtaining Spiritual Power

How can you obtain spiritual power with just translations of Spiritual Books  ?

Importantly, one should understand and acknowledge that not every translation of a book blesses an individual with spiritual abilities and the spiritual power , hence the translation of the concerned Books are Unique and the Author is a Very Blessed Spiritual Personality. Further the Books are amazing in the sense that with their mere daily reading one can attain spirituality and can open the world of vast spiritual wisdom and power to the reader.

The Spiritual Books in discussion are the books of Sultan Bahu ® and in past they were translated in to URDU Language by Hazrat Faqeer Noor Muhammad Kalachvi ® and Dr KB Naseem ® and both of whom acknowledge being bestowed with Spiritual blessings and Power with the Translating of the Books. The Books were recently translated to English Language by Zaheer an aspirant spiritual enthusiast.

The Books were originally written in the Persian language and there are over 30 books of Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® and each book’s translation provides the reader with spiritual power. The door to the Translation opportunity is wide open to all that are interested in further translations of the Books to more languages for example Arabic or French or any other language. With providing the readers with even one page of the books translation will provide the translator with spiritual blessings.

The link to Sultan Bahu ® Books will be provided below and any translations that are performed will be made available to the website readers for them acquiring spiritual knowledge. The conditions for obtaining spiritual power are straight forward:

  1. Translate the books.
  2. Make the translation available for free reading of the general public.


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Removal of Difficulties-11 Names of Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rehmatullah Alaih

If some difficulty befalls on a person and for the removal of the difficulty(problem) the afflicted person should recite the 11 names of Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani ® . The difficulty will be removed from him with the blessings of the following 11 Names. The names are presented as below:

Ya Sayyid Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Amrallah

Ya Shaykh Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Fazlallah

 Ya Wali Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Amanallah

 Ya Maskeen Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Noorallah

Ya Ghous Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Qutballah

Ya Sultan Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Saifallah

Ya Khawaja Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Farmanallah

 Ya Makhdoom Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Burhanallah

 Ya Dervesh Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Ayatallah

Ya Badshah Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Ghousallah

Ya Faqeer Muhiyuddin Hazrat Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani Shahidullah

These blessed names are not to be told to general public but only to people that are worthy  of knowing them and are such special ones. In the Book “Makhzanul Asrar” the Author of Book, Hazrat Noor Muhammad Kalachvi ® writes,  in the way of God he has distributed this wealth to everyone  and made it common(known). These 11 names are recited for the removal of difficulties and now everyone can benefit with the recitation of these Blessed 11 names.

Any Question or feedback , write in the below provided comments section.


Urdu: Makhzanul Asrar 

English: Makhzanul Asrar

Mawlid (Milad) Celebrations of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him

The Day of birth of Rasool of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him is celebrated worldwide with outmost love, warmth and Respect. The day holds with itself uncountable blessings as God said in Quran if i had not created you Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him i would not have created anything and by Quran we also learn God Himself sends Salawat upon his beloved messenger and the believers are ordered to do the same.


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Hazrat Shaikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani May Allah’s Mercy and Never ending Blessings be upon him

His Majesty Hazrat Shaikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani May Allah’s Mercy and Never ending Blessings be upon him, the Kings of the Kings, the Granter of the Wisdom, the Spiritual Son and the Descendent of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). He is the guidance for the unguidable, he is the source of light for the ever blind, he is the ever blessed one, his power is unimaginable, he is not God but a true Friend of God. His Footsteps are on the neck of every Aulia Allah (the friend of Allah) his status is beyond the intellectual capacity of the mind. He is the spiritual Successor of the Prophet Peace be upon him and with him is the authority and rule of all kingdoms and with him lies all the knowledge of the secrets of God.

The Shrine Photo with the written Arabic Prayer on the Top.

Its an absolute honour and privilege today to praise the Beloved Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ®. Its a must say that the life of Shaikh was full of wisdom, love, mercy and guidance for people coming from all walks of life. The Authority of Shaikh in spirituality is such that all the people of the present, the old and the future honour and love him.  He was totally immersed in the love of Allah in totality, he cared not for a day or night of personal self, he was unending in his patience and was the reviver of the Religion of Islam in its true essence.

The Qadri Spiritual Tariqa of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ® is unparalleled to any other and to have the love of him in heart is to have the Love of Allah and his Beloved Peace Be Upon Him. The Biography of the Shaikh is amazing, his life a reality that some only fantasies and some can’t even imagine, his success to the great degree where thoughts cannot even reach. Its not possible to do justice no matter how much is said in his praise of his highness, to praise him is to praise the Prophet (peace be upon him) and to praise him is to praise Allah the granter of all things.

In the times of his early childhood, the Shaikh was once set to travel away independently to another place of long distance for acquiring religious knowledge and before travel his Mother the Great pious lady advised him to never Lie further she sewed some money in a cloth and gave it to him ….

Continued…………. TO BE ADDED…………………………………………………………

There was none, there will be none ever comparable to the Spiritual Son of the Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. The Authority is granted to the Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ® by the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, Verily the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him Stated “I am the City of Knowledge and Ali A.S is its Gate “.  To further add here certainly none can reach the City’s Gate without the Permission, Love and the Respect of the Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ®. Hence verily the City of Knowledge is Prophet Peace Be Upon Him and The Gate is Hazrat Ali A.S and The Key to the Gate is His Highness Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ®.

 The beggars to your footsteps are many Ya Shaikh and I beseech thee to make me the soul of your Blessed Shoe.

Urdu Couplet : “Asharo per Aqa ® teray Joomta ta hai Jahan, Kab darta Man-nay wala hai Tera, Hai Us per bhi Karam ka Saiya Tera ”

Translation: Before unfolding itself, The Time of the world takes its permission from your Highness ®, how can your follower be ever depressed, verily he is under the protection of your blessings and mercy.

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Love of Ali (AS)

English Translation :

The cup of love of Ali (AS) is in my Hands

After drinking the cup of wisdom i am spiritually intoxicated

I have acquired the spiritual level of Qalander

With the purity of Whole Heart i am  a follower of Haidar (AS)

I am a follower of Haidar (AS)  and i am spiritually intoxicated Qalandar

I am the Man of the Chosen Ali (AS)

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The Reality of the Present Times

How to describe the nature of present times that we live in ?  despite  there being an overwhelming research, success and advancement in the field of Science yet it looks like a world thats heading greatly towards more violence and ambiguity. The following quote is seemingly very interesting and eye opener for those of us whom analyse the age of time that we live in:

“Just like a  persons childhood has religious character meaning is  compatible to islam. Just like that in early age hood of the times meaning the beginning of the world times was compatible to religion and spirituality. That’s the reason why all the Prophet’s had appeared in the early age period of the world and the friends of Allah and the spiritual people had taken birth excessively. This is the reason that pious ancestors naturally and instinctively were acknowledging to religion and spirituality and were inclined towards it by the heart and body. Just as the person grows older , the satan starts to vitiate his religious capability and the islamic nature. To the extent that till puberty his self becomes spoiled. As like this as the age of time continued to pass  the satan Samiri in that likeness used calf of metal and gold in many a ways making that decorative and glamorous for the people  to be in magic of its love being enchanted and its prisoners. And the remembrance of Allah and his love in their hearts and mind was kept at distanced from them. To the extent that though present age of time by outer self looks decent and well established however from moral, religious and spiritual perspective to a great extent its vitiated and is sustaining an animal and physical life

The quotation makes us ponder over the reasons for our present day chaotic worldly situations. Today, the human’s character and its affairs  look pretty awful in contrast to an animals nature. The secret of humanly success and its respect lies upon controlling & empowering the self (ego) contrastingly slavery to the ego and the lower desires means more problems for the human species and its future.


Urdu : Book Irfan

English : Book Irfan


Regressiveness (Rujjat) in spirituality and its solution

The seekers of spiritual path can decline from their spiritual level due to their short comings or going against the instruction of the Spiritual Guide. There can be many reasons for the Spiritual Downfall(Rujjat) and in the past there have been examples of such cases.

One example, can be found in the Book “Irfan” of Faqeer Noor Muhammad Kalachvi ®, the author highlights of a case example, where a spiritual guide fell to the trap of his lower desires, the Shaykh (spiritual guide) before the incident was recognised as a pious person being a source of light and spiritual guidance for the people around him. The Shaykh also had many followers (Seekers) and his Sufi Tariqa was well established and flourishing really well among the people.

The Shaykh’s spirituality fell apart in span of one night because he had committed a great sin, and due to which he lost his spiritual level(station) and no longer possessed any spiritual abilities. He narrated the story of his spiritual demise to another person, and stated on the occasion of one night, he met with a woman but on the night he was not able to take control over his lower sexual desire upon meeting the women and they both had a sexual intercourse. Since from the night he experiences very strange ugly faced creature’s and he see’s them wondering around his house etc. The Shaykh was hopeless, he lost his spirituality and peace of mind, heart and soul. The indescribable spiritual problems he was experiencing led to his life being turned upside down and with that he had become severely miserable.

In worldly education, there is some stability for example A Degree holder of any discipline is given recognition for his learning success with the awarded degree status, however in contrast in the school of spiritual thought, there’s no such thing. Further, to acquire a great spiritual rank can take a great number of years and requires a sincere committed effort to improving one’s inner defects of heart, soul and mind. It can be very unfortunate to loose your spiritual capability in a span of one night. The path of Spirituality gives real meaning to our ordinary life. As the Spiritual Sufi Master Rumi ® States:

“This place (of earth) is just a dream. Only a sleeper (spiritual dead person) considers it real”  

Spirituality takes a human being beyond the realm of his physical living world, it’s the means to obtaining the glimpse of God and his secrets (the mysteries). The path to spirituality is not a house for fantasy, in fact its the opposite and is the means to living a life beyond this world of dust and clay. The scientific telescopes cannot vision and account to seeing a tip of the iceberg for that which God has created and is in store for a true believer. Verily, God does not create anything in vain without a reason and wisdom.

The Good News! A simple solution is provided to the spiritual downfall (Rujjat). The Great Sufi Mystic Sultan Bahu ® states the following solution in order for an individual to re-acquire his spiritual rank. The Seeker (he/she) should regularly read the short book “Rasala Rohi Sheriff” and he addresses the seeker’s in the following words:

If any Friend of Allah having great union with him, that from world of spirituality or from the world of Qadas Shahood (name of spiritual world) experiences spiritual downfall and due to it falls down from his level, if he makes this book as his intercessor then this book will act as a True Spiritual Guide for him . If he does not take this book as his intercessor, then the promise is on him and if we do not reinstate him then the promise is on us”

There is no permission required to read the book and the book can be read by any affected person of any spiritual level(rank) or Sufi background (Tariqa) to re-attain his spiritual rank and can overcome any relating life difficulties. The Individual should make habit of reading the book everyday, to obtain its associated spiritual benefits and blessings. The Result time depends on the reading person himself for the amount of time he spends on daily for the reading of the book “Rasala Rohi Sheriff”.

English: Rasala Rohi Sheriff

Urdu:  Rasala Rohi Sheriff